Instagram new feature Chat with AI: How to unlock, use, and more (2023)

Are you looking for Instagram new feature Chat with AI how to unlock and use it? Then you are in the right place. Because in this article, we will clear all doubts related Instagram new feature CHhat with AI.

What is the Instagram Chat with AI?

Instagram’s new feature Chat with AI is the chat Bot like MY AI chatbot of Snapchat. This upcoming Instagram AI chatbot is based on Chatgpt or Google Bard AI and it has 30 AI Personalities, where we choose our best AI Personality and chat with them.

In addition, we can get advice and every question answer which runs through our minds just like Snapchat Chatbot MY AI and other Chatbot.

Currently, this new feature is in the testing face but in the future, it will be released for all Instagram Users. In the last, if we get any information on Instagram Chatbot AI then we will update that information as soon as possible.

Instagram new feature Chat with AI

Instagram Chat with AI Not Showing?

According to Instagram Customer Help Team, If we get any trouble related Instagram features then we will get many solutions from the Instagram Customer Help Team.

Otherwise, we write our trouble with the help of the feature Report a problem and get our problem’s solution from the Instagram Team. Currently, Instagram Chat with AI is in the testing face. So, everyone has not unlocked that feature and it is released for every user soon.

In the last, if you do not get that feature after the release of Instagram Chat with AI feature, then you will report for that feature with the help of the Instagram Report a Problem feature and you will express your words and troubles related to your account with the Instagram Team.

Here is the Script for Getting Instagram Chat with an AI feature

Dear Instagram Team,

I am not getting the new Instagram feature chat with an AI bot feature. I want to use that amazing new Instagram feature. So I will request you, Please give me this new feature as soon as possible.

Thank you
(Your Instagram Handle).

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How To Use Instagram Chat with AI?

Currently, Instagram Chat with AI is in the developing and testing stage. But you don’t take tension its interface is similar like Snapchat’s Chatbot MY AI. To use Snapchat MY AI is so simple just text like when you talk with your best friend or normal people.

You should get information on how reels viral on Instagram and discuss your school’s Home assignment. These features also entertain you by telling jokes or suggesting interesting TV Shows and others. In addition, this feature knows every human language So, talk with Instagram chatbot AI in your mother tongue language.

In the last, if we get any more information on that feature development or release of global then we will update that information as soon as possible.

What Can Instagram Chat with AI Assistant Do?

Instagram Chat with AI Assistant is do everything like other AI Chatbots including Snapchat MY AI, ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others. But these AI tool has no emotions and feelings. These tools are not thinking like the human brain.

Here’s some command for entertainment on the Instagram Chat with AI Bot.

  1. “Tell me a joke.”
  2. “Sing me a song.”
  3. “Can you tell me a fun fact?”
  4. “Let’s play a game.”
  5. “Tell me a story.”
  6. “What’s your favorite movie?”
  7. “Do an impression of a famous person.”
  8. “Can you recommend a good book?”
  9. “Share a riddle with me.”
  10. “Tell me a fascinating historical event.”

Here’s numerous command for Motivation on the Instagram Chat with AI Bot.

  1. Give me a motivational quote.”
  2. “Tell me why I should believe in myself.”
  3. “Give me reasons to stay motivated.”
  4. “Share some tips for self-motivation.”
  5. “Tell me a story of someone who achieved great things through motivation.”
  6. “How can I overcome self-doubt and stay motivated?”
  7. “Remind me of my strengths and potential.”
  8. “Encourage me to keep going despite setbacks.”
  9. “Tell me about the benefits of having a positive mindset.”
  10. “Give me a pep talk to boost my motivation.”

Here’s some command for Explore on the Instagram Chat with AI Bot.

  1. “Tell me something interesting about space.”
  2. “What are some famous landmarks I should visit?”
  3. “Give me information about a historical event.”
  4. “Tell me about a fascinating culture or tradition.”
  5. “Recommend a new cuisine or dish to try.”
  6. “Share some lesser-known facts about animals.”
  7. “Tell me about a famous artist and their work.”
  8. “Give me recommendations for books in a specific genre.”
  9. “Tell me about a unique travel destination.”
  10. “Share some intriguing scientific discoveries.”

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Is Instagram chat with AI free?

Currently, Instagram chat with AI Tool is not disclosed that is this tool Is free or Premium. But like other AI chatbots (including ChatGPT, Google Bard, Snapchat MY AI, and others) every tool has both Free and Premium modes and there is not a lot difference between the Free and Premium mode.

In the last, we can say that Instagram’s upcoming feature Chat with AI is maybe free for every Instauser. if we get any confirmation information on “is Instagram Chat with AI free?” then we will update that information as soon as possible.

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