Top 10 games like Skibidi Toilet game for mobile(2023)

Are you looking for games like Skibidi toilet games for your smartphone? then you are in the right place Because in this article we will provide you Top 10 games like Skibidi Toilet game for mobile (2023)

What is Skibidi Toliet?

“SKIBIDI TOILET” is a popular animated YouTube series created by DaFuq!?Boom! using Source Film Maker. The series has gained widespread popularity and has reached audiences across YouTube. It revolves around the concept of Human Toilets conquering the world, while cameramen and speaker men fight to protect humanity’s last remnants. The series contains rich lore and intricate storytelling.

Here’s Top 10 Games like Skibidi Toilet game

Scary Skibidi Toilet Escape38MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Toilet Monster Battle100MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Toilet War86MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Bop Dop Yes Toilet124MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Toilet Game85MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Toilet: Horror Playtime102MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Toilet Horror96MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Toilet Monster: Hide n Seek162MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Skibidi Toilet Merge Fight67MBGoogle Play, Apple Store
Russian Skibidi Toilet Range42MBGoogle Play, Apple Store

1. Scary Skibidi Toilet Escape

“Scary Skibidi Toilet Escape” is an Escape game where players must run and avoid the pursuit of Skibidi Toilet, there will be many obstacles in the way, and the mission in this game is to Run, Dodge, solve puzzles, and so on. The game has available right now on Google Play


– Stunning graphics
– Chilling sound effects
– Suspenseful atmosphere
– Terrifying monsters
– Simple controls
– Different map levels

I hope you enjoyed that Horror Escape game where Skibidi Toilet is really dangerous.

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2. Toilet Monster Battle

Toilet Monster Battle is a Merge Skibidi Toilet monster and Cameraman fight game. It has great graphics, smooth Controls, a Simple Interface, Lots of character levels, and amazing levels. so be ready and make your strongest team now: Google Play.

Skibidi Toilet game

3. Skibidi Toilet War

Skibidi Toilet War is an attack on the toilet man, protect the cameraman, the enemy will become stronger and stronger, be careful! It has developed by the yoooo game Team and on the play store the game got a 7+ rating. The game has available right now on Google Play


  • Good Graphics
  • Simple Interface
  • Chilling sound effects
  • Simple Controls
  • Good Animation

4. Skibidi Bop Dop Yes Toilet

Skibidi Bop Dop Yes Toilet is a three-mode game to play where the first mode is a red light and green light mode but the doll of this game whose said red light and green light, that doll is replaced with the Skibidi Toliet Monster. the second game mode is talked with the Skibidi Toilet with the help of Fake (Phone calls, video call, and chatting).

the third game mode is Save the Wednesday movie Girl, which has lots of levels and unique maps and other. The game has 10L+ Downloads on the play store. The game has available right now on Google Play.

5. Skibidi Toilet Game

Skibidi Toilet Game is a mini-games of Skibidi Toilet theme where a lot of games for single-player and 2-player. It has developed by the Big Global Team, 12+ Rating, and has 10,000 downloads on Playstore. Currently, it is available on Google Play.

Mini Games

  • Tug Table
  • Air hockey
  • Robert Arena
  • Dung Battle
  • Sword Thrower
  • The Last Sashimi
  • And more

6. Skibidi Toilet: Horror Playtime

Skibidi Toilet Horror Playtime is a embark on a bone-chilling adventure, the ultimate horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Enter a twisted world filled with darkness and terror as you face your fears in this thrilling horror experience. The game is developed by the Jig Studio. Currently, it is available on Google Play.

🔥 Features:

  • 🕹️ Intense gameplay
  • 👻 Terrifying atmosphere
  • 💀 Frightening monsters
  • 🔦 Strategic Exploration
  • 🎮 Multiple endings
  • 💡 Tense suspense

7. Skibidi Toilet Horror

Skibidi Toilet Horror is an action and funny game with an attractive design try your strategies and skills. Discover the function of this magical adventure captivating world of Skibidi Toilet. It has by the ALPHAEGO Team and the game is currently available on Google Play.

Features :

  • Awesome music
  • Simple interface
  • the captivating world of Skibidi Toilet
  • Variety of quality Skibidi toilet images.
  • Smooth Controls

8. Toilet Monster: Hide n Seek

Toilet Monster: Hide n Seek is the ultimate mobile game experience! Step into a world where survival is key and embark on a thrilling simulator, adventure filled with a wide variety of mini-games.

Whether you’re up for the endless challenge, the excitement of Hide and Seek, or the intensity of epic combat, toilet head monster, Toilet Monster: Hide N Seek 3D game has it all. The game has developed by the Tiger 30 Studio, has 7+ rating, and has 10,000 downloads on Play Store.

Game Features:

  • Endless challenge
  •  Stunning 3D graphics
  • Smooth Controls
  • Amazing game modes
  • Simple interface
  • And more.

9. Skiibydi Toilet Merge Fight

Skiibydi Toilet Merge Fight is a merge strategy game with unlimited fun battles. Collect all fearful Skiibydi monsters! Get all into your squad collection and become a merge master. Make the most powerful army of monsters in this free toilet games. The game has developed by the MAGIC GAME STUDIO Team and has 1L+ downloads on playstore, and Currently the game is avaible on Google Play.

How to play Merge Toilet: Skiibydi Road Fight?

  • – Control your skiibidii monster army and collab wisely.
  • – Unlock new and more powerful toilet monster creatures after conquering challenges and using the right strategy.
  • – Use your finger to draw and upgrade skibidi monsters to evolve them.
  • – Match the same monster to merge them into a higher level.
  • – Get ready and prepare yourself for the monster battle, ready to beat the boss.


  • – Many different types of cool monster model
  • – Easy to play but hard to master
  • – Intense graphics. Lots of 3D graphics monsters to explore.

10. Russian Skibidi Toilet Range

Russian Skibidi Toilet Rage is a ulimate street fighting game where Fight as CameraHead and Scarecrow to fight unique Stipidity Toilet, a colorful creatures like Skibidi Toilet, but with different tone and color.

This time you have to collect money to be able to shop at the mall, upgrade your secret move and strength, and get the best round.
Save your money don’t buy carelesslyLet’s help CameraHead and Scarecrow to adventure in the open world world and complete several varied missions.

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