How to Mute Someone on Instagram Without them Knowing

Yes, you can mute someone on Instagram But you don’t want to Instagram notify that user that someone mutes your chat box. So, Instagram is already made like this “If you mute someone, Instagram never shows or notifies them that this user has muted you.”

So, if you want to learn about “Can You Mute Someone on Instagram Without Them Knowing” in depth with examples:

Will the user know if I mute them on Instagram?

No, when you mute someone on Instagram, they won’t receive any notifications or alerts indicating that you’ve muted them. Muting is a private action, and the muted user won’t be informed of it. So, if you are also worry about it then instagram doesn’t inform that someone mute you.

After muting someone instagram then you willn’t get the notification of any message and also not get the notification of any tag by them.

No Notification: Instagram does not send any notifications to the muted user when you choose to mute them. Unlike actions such as unfollowing or blocking, which may trigger notifications or visible changes on their end, muting is silent and discreet.

Invisible Action: Muting operates behind the scenes without any outward indication to the muted user. They will continue to see you as a follower, and your interactions with them won’t be affected.

Unchanged Relationship: From the muted user’s perspective, everything remains the same. They can still see your posts, comment on them, send you direct messages, and interact with your content as usual.

Example: Let’s say you decide to mute a friend on Instagram because their posts are flooding your feed and you need a break from seeing their content. After muting them, they won’t receive any notification about it. They will still be able to see your posts, tag you in their posts, send you direct messages, and engage with your content just like before.

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How to Mute someone on Instagram?

If you also don’t know how to mute users on Instagram without blocking or unfollowing them. So, the Instagram platform already provides us with a feature to mute user’s chat box messages and their stories.

However, some new users of Instagram cannot find these features on Instagram. so they mute someone on Instagram. Let’s learn it by the following given below steps:

1. Open Instagram App: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

2. Navigate to Profile: Tap on the profile icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Find the User: Locate the user you want to mute. You can do this by searching for their username in the search bar at the top of the screen or by scrolling through your follower or following list.

4. Go to their Profile: Once you’ve found the user, tap on their profile picture or username to view their profile.

5. Open Options Menu: On their profile, you’ll see three dots (⋯) in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on these dots to open the options menu.

6. Select “Mute”: In the options menu, you’ll see a list of actions you can take. Scroll down and tap on “Mute” from the list.

7. Choose Mute Options: Instagram offers three options for muting: “Mute Posts,” “Mute Stories,” or both. Select the option(s) you prefer.

  • “Mute Posts” will hide the user’s posts from your feed.
  • Mute Stories” will hide the user’s stories from your Stories bar at the top of your feed.

8. Confirm Mute: After selecting your mute preferences, Instagram will ask you to confirm. Tap on “Mute” to confirm and mute the user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a muted user still see my posts and stories?

Yes, muting a user on Instagram only affects what you see from them. They can still see your posts and stories unless they’ve also muted you.

Can I mute multiple users at once on Instagram?

No, Instagram does not currently offer a feature to mute multiple users simultaneously. You’ll need to mute each user individually.

Will muting someone on Instagram affect our direct messages (DMs)?

No, muting someone on Instagram does not affect your direct messages with them. You can still send and receive messages from muted users normally.

Will muting someone on Instagram affect our mutual interactions, such as likes and comments?

No, muting someone on Instagram does not affect your mutual interactions with them. They will still be able to like, comment, and interact with your posts as usual.

How long does a mute on Instagram last?

Muting a user on Instagram is indefinite until you decide to unmute them. You can unmute them at any time by following the same steps you used to mute them.

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