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Total Abs Workout Free PDF

How to Total Abs Workout PDF Free Download

Are you ready to download the Total Abs Workout PDF? Look no further; we’ll show you how to get the PDF version of “How to Download Total abs Workout” PDF for free! Let’s dive right in:

Step 1: Go online and search for “How to Total Abs Workout PDF free download.”
Step 2: Look for websites offering this book or PDF for free and click on a reliable source.
Step 3: You might need to sign up or create an account on some sites, so follow the instructions.
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What is 11 pack abs?

The 11-pack abs: It is formed by the muscles along the waist, creating two parallel lines and also known by the “Number 11” or 11-line abs. These abs are slim and attractive, requiring regular training to define the lines. The media refers to them as “Number 11” due to their shape resembling the number 11. This is distinct from the six-pack abs commonly seen in male bodybuilding.

However, To make these 11 pack abs lines on their stomach. You should follow this popular and effective workout routine:

Set A

  • Cross crunch
  • Knee to chest crunch
  • Reverse crunch kick
  • -Bicycle crunch

Set B

  • -Knee tuck
  • -Butterfly kick
  • -Butterfly kick out
  • -Ab hold

Set C

  • -Stomach vacuum
  • -Mountain climber hold
  • -Flutter kick
  • -Leg lift

Set D

  • -Up and down crunch plank
  • -Plank
  • -Stomach vacuum
  • -Spider kicks [Total Abs Workout Free PDF]

How to build 12-pack abs?

12-pack abs: Having a 12-pack of ab muscles is the most developed level. Surprisingly, a few cases of people with 12-pack abs have been found during autopsies. Comparatively, very few individuals have a 12-pack, considering the larger number of people with other types of abs.

Here is a very effective workout routine for build 12 pack abs:

DayExerciseSets x Reps
Day 1: Upper AbsCrunches3 x 15-20
Hanging Leg Raises3 x 10-15
Russian Twists (each side)3 x 15
Plank3 x 30-60 sec
Day 2: Lower AbsLeg Raises3 x 10-15
Reverse Crunches3 x 15-20
Bicycle Crunches (each side)3 x 20
Mountain Climbers (each leg)3 x 20
Day 3: Rest or Light CardioRest or Light Cardio
Day 4: ObliquesSide Planks (each side)3 x 30-45 sec
Side Leg Raises (each side)3 x 15
Windshield Wipers (each side)3 x 10
Plank with Hip Dips (each side)3 x 15
Day 5: Full Ab WorkoutCable Crunches or Weighted Crunches3 x 15-20
Dragon Flags (if possible)3 x 8-10
Decline Sit-Ups3 x 15-20
Full Plank3 x 45-60 sec
Day 6: Rest or Light CardioRest or Light Cardio
Day 7: RestRest
12 Pack abs workout routine

What is the Benefits of Total abs?

It provides well-developed abdominal muscles, a healthy and fit physical body, etc. Here is a few benefits of Total Abs:

  • Core Strength: Total abs build a strong core, crucial for good posture, balance, and stability during daily tasks and exercises.
  • Better Posture: Strong abs support your spine, promoting good posture and reducing back pain.
  • Improved Balance: A robust core, including abs, boosts balance and coordination, lowering the risk of falls.
  • Sports Excellence: Many sports need core strength. Developed abs enhance performance in various activities.
  • Less Injury Risk: Strong abs stabilize your spine and pelvis, decreasing injury chances during movements like twisting or lifting.
  • Functional Fitness: Total abs help with everyday actions—bending, reaching, lifting—making them easier.
  • Breathing and Digestion: Strong abs aid proper breathing and digestion by supporting abdominal organs.
  • Looks and Confidence: Well-defined abs improve appearance and confidence.
  • Metabolism Boost: Building muscle, even in abs, raises metabolism, aiding weight and fat management.
  • Full Body Power: Solid abs mean a robust body. Strengthening your core complements other muscle growth.
  • Pain Prevention: A strong core can ease back pain by supporting your spine.
  • Active Aging: Keeping strong abs helps you stay active and independent as you age.

How to get 300 abs?

The 300 abs is exactly the 300 abs workout exercise or 300 reps of the different exercises and include multiple sets. This routine is highly effective on the abdominal muscles and builds your stomach pack abs instantly.

Here is a very effective and popular workout exercise for 300 abs workout exercises:

  • 50 situp reach-ups
  • 25 side crunches on your right side
  • 25 side crunches on your left side
  • 50 Russian twists (each rep requires a floor tap to the right and the left)
  • 50 hi/low scissors
  • 25 leaning knee drives to the right
  • 25 leaning knee drives to the left
  • 50 rock the boats (each rep requires a roll to the right and left) [Total Abs Workout Free PDF]

What is 100 abs?

The 100 Abs is a workout challenge for 30 days which is performed by many athletes, YouTubers, and fitness models. In this challenge or exercise, the athlete will do 100 reps daily for 30 days and every single day perform the 100 reps of different exercises. These exercises included:

  1. The Hundreds
  2. Cross Crunch Kick
  3. Double Leg Lift
  4. The Wiggle
  5. Crunch
  6. Candlestick Dipper
  7. Toe Touches
  8. Roll Ups
  9. Criss Cross
  10. Sit Up
  11. Russian Twists
  12. Scissors
  13. Butterfly Sit Up
  14. Hip Twists
  15. Star Abs
  16. Eagle Crunch
  17. Boat Crunch
  18. Side Plank Rotation
  19. Reverse Crunch
  20. Single Leg Drop
  21. Sprinter
  22. Butt Ups
  23. Kneeling Side Squeeze
  24. Side Plank Dippers
  25. Cha Cha Abs
  26. Rollovers
  27. Shoulder Tap Plank
  28. Pillow Pass
  29. Side Seal
  30. Single Legged Jackknife [Total Abs Workout Free PDF]
Total Abs Workout Free PDF
Total Abs Workout Free PDF

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