Raymarine I60 Manual in PDF [Wind Calibration and Vane]

Raymarine I60 Manual: If you are also faced with many troubles in calculating the wind speed with Raymarine I60.

Otherwise, you don’t know how to use the Raymarine I60 Instrument. You worried about how I have handled the Raymarine machine.

Don’t worry, In this blog post, we will discuss the Raymarine I60 Instrument, Installations, Wind Calibration guide, Wind Vane guide, Depth Sounder guide, and Tridata guide.

However, you use this instrument on the Race Track, in Sailboaters, or on any Dock, where you can easily calculate the speed of wind.

In the last, I also provided the Raymarine I60 every guide lesson in the Pdf format because I know that it’s not to possible remember each word of the article.

Raymarine I60 Manual

Download Raymarine I60 Manual PDF

From here, you can easily revise every heading of the Raymarine I60 Manual and also download the manual guide in your mobile.

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Raymarine I60 (Overview)

Raymarine I60 Is a instrument used in the indicate the speed of the wind.

In this instrument manual, we got the information installations, Wind calibration, Wind Vane, Depth Sounder, and Tridata.

Raymarine I60 Installations

Here is the simple steps for installing the Raymarine I60 instrument:

  1. You need to install System integration.
  2. Then, you need to install Typical systems.
  3. then, install System protocols.
  4. Now, install Parts supplied and Tools required.

Raymarine I60 Manual

Raymarine I60 Wind Calibration

Before starting the wind Calibration in Raymarine I60, we know about Raymarine Keys.

  • Key 1 is the DISPLAY button.
  • Key 2 is the TRUE/APP button.
  • Key 3 is the VMG button.
  • Key 4 is the Tack button.

After knowing the keys button, we can easily start the wind calibration process in the Raymarine I60 instrument. Here is the simple steps to do this:

  • First, press and hold Key 1 and Key 4 for 4 seconds.
  • Then, quickly press Key 3 and Key 4 at the same time.
  • After doing this, you notice that the calibration enters the self-test Stage 1.
  • Now, quickly press Key 1 and Key 2 together then the calibration enters the self-test Stage 2.
  • Now check the calibration display’s pointer. when the pointer completes the first rotation, then press Key 1 and Key 2 at the same time to enter in the self-test Stage 3.
  • After doing all the steps, for leaving the test Press Key 1 and Key 2 for 2 seconds.

Raymarine I60 Tridata

The Raymarine I60 tridata is a multi funtion instrument. It combines the basic elements into a device.

It has easy to accessible to read 3-line display that features Depth in FEET and speed in KTS.

The large digits and large display make the tridata instrument easy to read.

This device comes with an indicator of special Depth, speed of wind, and water Temperature. [Raymarine I60 Manual]

It easily supports SeaTalk and SeaTalkng connections and has 12 volt operating voltage.

The Raymarine tridata instrument is NMEA 2000 friendly (compatible) and it consumes low power that saves money and time both at the same time.

It also supports the red backlights for visibility at night and the Dark Place and has a transducer port.

How do you reset a Raymarine i60?

Sometimes, we make different settings in the Raymarine I60 Instrument and forget the default settings.

At that moment, you have two options: First, find or copy the default setting from another Raymarine instrument.

A second option is to reset the Raymarine I60. but the main problem is we don’t know how to reset the Raymarine instrument.

To reset the Raymarine I60:

  • First, you have to find the “POWER”(DISPLAY) and “TRUE/APP” buttons in the Raymarine I60.
  • Second, you have to hold both buttons for a few seconds.
  • Then, you notice some symbols are shown on the screen. [Raymarine I60 Manual]
These symbols
  • Third, use the POWER (DISPLAY), VMG, and TACK buttons to change the screen to F1 on the screen.
  • Fourth, Now wait for a few seconds and you will notice that the Raymaine I60 is automatically reset to the Default setting.

How do you test a Raymarine wind transducer?

You can also learn the testing wind transducer in Raymarine from the manual guide. Otherwise, to do this for testing wind transducer in Raymarine instruments with given Youtube Video tutorial.

For doing the testing process, you required the Multimeter and DC power supply.

  1. First, you have to press and hold the DISPLAY and TRUE/APP buttons together for approximately 2 seconds and continue to hold them until the display appears CAL.
  2. Now, press the DISPLAY button 1 time and then you will notice the display appears the 005.
  3. Now, adjust the analog pointer to zero by pressing the VMG and TACK buttons. (VMG button for decreasing current value and TACK button for increasing current value.)
  4. For leaving the test wind transducer, press and hold the DISPLAY and TRUE/APP buttons together for approximately 2 seconds.

Raymarine I60 Manual


I hope that you all have downloaded and opened the Raymarine I60 Manuals in PDF format. If any friend is facing a problem in downloading or opening the PDF file of this article, then he can comment to us. We will try our best to solve his problem as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Raymarine a good Brand?

Yes, Raymaine is a good electronics brand who have built over 80 years trusts to sell original electronics products.

Can Raymarine autopilot work with Garmin?

Yes, you can activate the autopilot in Raymarine and connect with Garmin.

Where is Raymarine made?

Raymarine products are made in Fareham, UK.

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