Patwari Report Form PDF Download

Patwari Report Form PDF Download: Friends, are you experiencing difficulties in creating a Patwari report? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

First, you need to complete a form to generate the Patwari report. Before filling out the form, you need to download it.

Wondering where to download it from? Don’t worry. In today’s article, I will provide you with the PDF of the Patwari Report Form that you can download, print, and use to create the Patwari Report. Let’s get started.

Patwari Report Form PDF Download

Download the Patwari Report Form PDF

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About Patwari Report

Many people often wonder about the purpose of a Patwari report. A Patwari report is a document prepared by the Patwari, who is an official in a specific area.

The Patwari holds various responsibilities, including maintaining land records and approving documents related to land within their jurisdiction.

The Patwari plays an important role in making sure that the information about the land is recorded and updated correctly.

A Patwari report may include details about land ownership, land size, how much tax to pay, borders, and any updates or changes regarding land and property in a certain area or village.

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These reports are necessary for administrative and legal reasons, as they help maintain accurate and up-to-date land records, determine property taxes, and make land-related decisions at the local level. [Patwari Report Form PDF Download]

Documents for Patwari Report

The Documents required for a Patwari report application depend on the kind of certificate you are applying for. Here are a few Documents:

  1. Income Certificate:
  • Salary slip.
  1. Residence or Caste Certificate:
  • Caste or residence certificate of the father/husband.
  1. Land Certificate:
  • Relevant land-related documents.

Additional general documents that may be required for any application include:

  • Aadhar card.
  • Ration card.
  • Affidavit.

These documents play an important role in the application process for obtaining a Patwari report. [Patwari Report Form PDF Download]

Patwari Report Application Form

To create the report, we need to contact the local Patwari, typically by visiting the Patwari’s office or reaching out to them directly.

Initially, we provide the Patwari with our or our father/ancestor’s name, under whose ownership the land is registered. Using this information, we submit an application.

The Patwari then identifies our name in their revenue records, locates the land under our name, and provides us with a description of our portion of the land.

This includes details about the type and size of our land, along with a comprehensive report.

Where is Patwari’s investigation report useful?

To get a loan from banks or to change the name on our land, we need to submit a report about the investigation conducted by the Patwari.

To distribute land, we also need to provide this investigation report. If we want to receive subsidies for our agricultural land, we must have a Patwari investigation report.

Moreover, if we need an agricultural connection or want to take advantage of other government schemes, we will also need a Patwari investigation report.

How to fill Patwari Report Application form

Here are some steps, you need to follow:

Step 1: You have to click on the download button given above.
Step 2: You will have to Print the Patwari Report Form PDF.
Step 3: Land Details: Provide correct information about the land you are requesting the Patwari report for. Include details like who owns it, where it is located, the survey number, and any other relevant land-related information.

In this way, you will have to fill out the Patwari Report Form send it to the Patwari, and get it submitted.


Patwari Report Form PDF Download: I hope you have downloaded the Patwari Report Form PDF. Now you can send that form to any other needy person. You will see the share button below by clicking on it.

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FAQs (Patwari Report Form PDF Download)

Is the Patwari Report Form PDF free to Download?

Yes, Absolutely Patwari Report Form PDF is free to Download.

What is a Patwari Report?

A Patwari Report provides detailed information about a piece of land and its ownership, maintained by a local government official known as a Patwari.

How can I obtain a Patwari Report?

To get a Patwari Report, fill out an application form at the Patwari’s office, submit the necessary documents, and follow the application process.

How long does it take to receive a Patwari Report?

The processing time for a Patwari Report varies, so it’s best to check with Patwari’s office for an estimated timeline.

Can I apply for a Patwari Report online?

The availability of online application facilities for a Patwari Report differs from region to region. To find out if it is available in your area, please contact your local authorities or visit relevant websites.

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