New Piaggio APE Spare Parts Price List PDF

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Piaggio APE Spare Parts Price List

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PDF NamePiaggio APE Spare Parts Price List
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Part NamePart No.Price
Fork Lock Washer Ape108873Rs. 19/-
Fork Cone No. 5 Ape108874Rs. 55/-
Elastic Hub Small Ape111498Rs. 360/-
Speedo Meter Pinion Ape117404Rs. 36/-
Stop Lever Ape119928Rs. 28/-
Clutch Lever Bush Ape125181Rs. 16/-
Reverse Gear Lever Ape125411Rs. 80/-
Bevel Gear Pin Ape132129Rs. 88/-
Differential Lock Ape132244Rs. 54/-
Rear Wheel Hub Ape136888Rs. 419/-
Brake Drum Ape152580Rs. 750/-
Clutch Lever Ape164906Rs. 90/-
Brake Shoe ADJ Lever LH Ape179056Rs. 250/-
Brake Shoe ADJ Lever RH Ape179057Rs. 250/-
Frame Joint Clip Iron Ape190462Rs. 20/-
Axle Boot Ape198618Rs. 97/-
Triangle Bush Big Ape226661Rs. 86/-
Engine Mounting Rubber Ape265091Rs. 148/-

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About Piaggio APE

The Piaggio Ape, which means “Piaggio bee” in Italian, is a three-wheeled light commercial vehicle. It is manufactured and sold by Piaggio, originally known as VespaCar or TriVespa. The Ape is based on the popular Vespa scooter and has been in production since 1948. It comes in various body styles and is used for various practical purposes.

Current Models

Currently, there are two model ranges available for the Piaggio Ape. The first one is called the “Ape 50” and it has a 49.8 cc petrol engine. The second range is the larger “Ape TM” which comes with either a 218 cc petrol engine or a 422 cc diesel engine.

The “Ape 50” can carry a load of 175 to 205 kg (386 to 452 lb), while the “TM” and “Classic” models can carry a heavier load of 700 to 805 kg (1,543 to 1,775 lb), depending on the version and engine.

The fuel consumption of the current Ape 50 model is approximately 30 km/L (85 mpg‑imp; 71 mpg‑US).

Piaggio also introduced a limited edition called the Calessino, which has a retro design resembling the Ape from the 1950s and 1960s. It is available in two colors: white and anniversary blue. The Calessino is configured like an autorickshaw.

For racing enthusiasts, a modified version of the Piaggio Ape called the Ape Proto has been developed. This hand-made vehicle is specifically designed for drifting and faster driving. It has been used in special racing competitions, such as the Ape RR Show in San Marino.

ModelEngineLoad CapacityFuel Consumption
Ape 5049.8 cc petrol engine175 to 205 kg (386 to 452 lb)Approximately 30 km/L (85 mpg-imp; 71 mpg-US)
Ape TM218 cc petrol engine or 422 cc diesel engine700 to 805 kg (1,543 to 1,775 lb)


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