List Of All Formulas Pdf Class 11 [Phys, Math, Chem.]

List Of All Formulas PDF Class 11: If you are also in the 11th class, then I know how difficult it is for everyone to remember the formulas.

But in today’s article, I am going to provide you a PDF file that contains chapter-wise formulas for all three subjects (Physics, Math and Chemistry).

You can easily remember them and please your teacher, so let’s see how you can download this amazing PDF file.

List Of All Formulas PDF Class 11 Free Download

Here is the overview of the List of all formulas PDF Class 11 and its Download Button.

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List Of All Formulas Pdf Class 11

Benefits of listing all Formulas in one PDF

The list of all Formulas of Class 11 offers you many benefits such as:

  • With this list, you can quickly see the formulas of the entire syllabus of your class without having to open individual books.
  • This list organizes each formula chapter-wise, allowing you to know which formula will be used in which chapter.
  • With this list, you will never need to write down more formulas in your notebook because you already have the formulas for each chapter.
  • You can get this list free of charge from our website, and you can also download it in PDF format.

[List Of All Formulas Pdf Class 11]

Which chapter is the hardest of class 11 maths?

So, the hardest chapter of Maths in class 11 is Circle, Parabola, and Permutation and Combination.

From these chapters, the examiner picks very difficult questions and the formulas of these chapters are also not easy to remember for the students.

That’s why these three chapters are considered to be the hardest chapters of 11th Maths.

Is 11th grade maths hard?

Yes, the difficulty of 11th grade math is considered greater than the 12th and 10th mathematics.

But if you understand the concepts of class 11 maths well and keep trying to solve it daily.

Then It is easy for you to escape the class 11 math.

What is the list of all formulas for each subject in class 11?

Here Is the overview of the list of all formulas for each subject in class 11:


Algebra Formulas
Distributive propertya×(b+c)=a×b+a×c
Commutative Property of Additiona+b=b+a
Commutative Property of Multiplicationa×b=b×a
Associative Property of Additiona+(b+c)=(a+b)+c
Associative Property of Multiplicationa×(b×c)=(a×bc
Additive Identity Propertya+0=a
Multiplicative Identity Propertya×1=a
Additive Inverse Propertya+(−a)=0
Multiplicative Inverse Propertya⋅(1/a​)=1
Zero Property of Multiplicationa×0=0
Trigonometry Formulas
Calculus Formulas
d/dx ​[f(x)+g(x)]=d/dx​[f(x)]+d/dx​[g(x)]
d/dx ​[f(x)−g(x)]=d/dx​[f(x)]−d/dx​[g(x)]
d/dx ​[f(x)⋅g(x)]=d/dx​[f(x)]⋅[g(x)]+[f(x)]⋅d/dx​[g(x)]
d/dx ​[f(x)/g(x)​]=d/dx[f(x)].[g(x)]- [f(x)].d/dx[g(x)] /​[g(x)]​2
Coordinate Geometry & Lines Formulas
Slope my​/Δx=y2​−y/1​​x2​−x1
Point-Slope Formyy1​=m(xx1​)

A list of all formulas for math subject information is also given in the pdf file.


A list of all formulas for chemistry subject information is given in the pdf file.


A list of all formulas for physics subject information is given in the pdf file.

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How to download the List Of All Formulas Pdf of Class 11?

From these given steps, you can download the PDF file of this article very easily without facing any problems.

  1. First, come at the start of this article.
  2. Then, Find the heading of List Of All Formulas Pdf Class 11 Free of this article.
  3. When you have found the heading that I mentioned in 2nd step.
  4. Now you have found a download button that is placed in the heading of List Of All Formulas Pdf Class 11 …..
  5. When you click that download button see the countdown of 25 seconds.
  6. After over the countdown of 25 seconds, you notice that your pdf file will be automatically downloaded to your smartphone.


Remember, if even after doing this process, you face problems in downloading the PDF file like: After clicking on download, the loading process does not end or the site crashes, then you can use VPN to fix it.


I hope you have got the List Of All Formulas PDF Class 11. If anyone has any problem downloading the PDF file, then you can comment to me, I will try my best to help you download the PDF file of this article.

Frequency Asked Questions

How to remember class 11 Physics formulas?

Practice regularly, create concise summary sheets, use mnemonic devices, and apply formulas through problem-solving.

What is the hardest formula to learn?

The hardest formula to learn varies for each individual, but complex mathematical equations like the Navier-Stokes equation or quantum mechanics formulas are often considered challenging.

Is PCMB very tough?

PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology) can be challenging, but it ultimately depends on individual aptitude and dedication.

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