Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF by Tayannah Lee McQuillar

Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF: Do you also want to learn more about American Hoodoo traditions, how this tradition originated, and how its history evolved?

Everything will be explained. So, in today’s article, we will discuss the Hoodoo Tarot. We have discovered a guidebook for you.

By reading it, you can gain a deep understanding of the tradition and heritage of America.

This book was written by Tayannah Lee McQuillar. Now, let’s quickly dive into the information about this book. Let’s get started with this article

Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF

What does the Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF contain?

In this PDF book, you get to see neat and clean writing in detail across 161 pages, with a file size of around 15MB. As I already mentioned, you receive comprehensive information about American Hoodoo traditions, helping to clear up any confusion you may have had on this topic.

Furthermore, this book also supports a printable format, meaning it is designed with a printer-friendly size of 8×12 inches.

This book includes many beneficial units for every citizen of their country such as A Culture An Inheritance and a Rebellion, Getting to Know the Hoodoo Tarot, Hoodoo Spreads and Sample readings, and other things.

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Download Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF

Here is the Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF from there you can read this book and download it easily.

How to launch/open the Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF?

Steps of launching the Pdf File in Mobile

After downloading the Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF File in your smartphone or Desktop. Here is simple steps for operating the Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF file on your mobile phone.

  1. Find the pdf file in your smartphone’s file manager application.
  2. After finding the pdf file, click on it, and then your mobile phone is recommended you one of the mobile applications that operates the pdf file for reading.
  3. Choose any one application that you want to use for reading the pdf file and click on it.
  4. A few minutes ago, you noticed that you have successfully launched the pdf file for reading on your smartphone.

Steps of launching the Pdf File on the Desktop

If you are also desktop users like me then it’s very simple to launch the pdf file for reading in it. Here is some simple steps for launching the pdf file on the desktop.

  1. After downloading the pdf file, you have to find your download location of the desktop. For Example: In windows, the downloaded File location is “This PC>Downloads”.
  2. After knowing the download locations of your desktop, you have to find the pdf file and click on it.
  3. After clicking on the file, your desktop device redirects you to the Desktop browser for reading the pdf file.

How many cards are in the Hoodoo Tarot deck?

There is the 78 cards features of the Hoodoo Tarot deck were existed in it which include and named:

  • The Free Man
  • Black Herman
  • Miss Ida
  • The Big Queen
  • John Horse
  • Bishop C. H. Mason
  • Courting
  • Railroad Bill
  • Strength
  • Dr. Grant
  • Aunt Caroline
  • Dr. Buzzard
  • Gullah Jack
  • Ancestors
  • Father Simms
  • Miss Robinson
  • The Big House
  • The Grandchildren
  • Pa
  • Big Mama
  • Dem Bones
  • The Garden
  • Mother of Sticks
  • Father of Sticks
  • Daughter of Sicks
  • Son of Sicks
  • And more.

Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook Reviews

Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook has gained very good popularity on the bookstores. On Amazon, this book has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating and very interesting amazing reviews, which includes

Hoodoo Tarot Guidebook PDF


I hope that you all have downloaded and opened Hoodoo Tarot Guidebooks in PDF format. If any friend is facing a problem in downloading or opening the PDF file of this article, then he can comment to us. We will try our best to solve his problem as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the word hoodoo come from?

The word Hoodoo Is Coming from the Louisiana Creole in around 1860 – 68.

What country invented tarot cards?

The Tarot cards were invented by Italy in 1430.

What religion do tarot cards come from?

The Tarot cards come from the New Age religion and talk on how tarot analysis is the study of the New Age movement which was helded in the 21st Century.

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