Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Book in PDF

Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Book: Hey, if you are also buying the Brinkmann Smoker in recent days.

So Congratulations 🥳!, today I will give you the cooking recipe book of Brinkmann Smoker. This recipe book is a digital book that you also download on your mobile or desktop device.

What I heard 😲! you don’t how to start a Brinkmann Smoker. Don’t worry, I teach you because I have been using the Brinkmann Smoker cooker from the last 3 years and it’s easy to use.

However, you also learn about how much time Brinkmann Smoker takes to cook the food.

So, let’s dive into Brinkmann Smoker’s article.

Download Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Book PDF

From here, you can easily read and download the cooking recipes of Brinkmann Smoker in PDF format.

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How to start a Brinkmann Smoker? (Beginner Guide)

The Brinkmann Smoker is very easy to use. you will learn it easily how to start a Brinkmann smoker in a few minutes. Just follow my simple given steps:

  1. First, Open the Door and Damper of the Brinkmann Smoker.
  2. Now, place the Wood and Charcoal inside the Brinkmann Smoker at Firebox.
  3. Now, start to burn the placed Wood or Charcoal with a lighter, matchbox, or propane torch.
  4. When the Wood or Charcoal starts burning add more dry wood to make a big fire.
  5. When it starts to fire burning and you notice that your Brinkmann Smoker is ready to use.

You can also learn it how to use/start of Brinkmann Smoker by watching this YouTube tutorial video.

Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipes

I have already provided every recipe of the Brinkmann Smoker in the pdf file. Now, here I am just talking about a few of the recipes of it.

Smoked Brats:

For cooking the Smoked Brates in Brinkmann Smoker. You have ready the Brinkmann Smoker at 225G temperature and cooked it with hickory until the temperature appears the 165F.

In addition, I have one more recipe book like the Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Book. This book considers 150+ healthy and tasty meal recipes and it prepared by Zack Chug. To read this recipe book click here.

Scotch Eggs:

To make the Scotch eggs, we require 200 grams of Mutton Mince, a Pinch of cayenne pepper, 2 eggs, Salt, Black pepper powder, etc.

Here is the simple steps to make Scotch Eggs at home:

  • First, boil both eggs for 4 minutes.
  • After boiling eggs for 4 minutes, you should leave the eggs in the freezing water for 10 minutes to cool down the eggs.
  • After the doing cooldown, you have to remove the eggshell of the eggs.
  • Now, Take some mutton in the bowl, add your spices to the mutton mince, and mix it.
  • After mixing, you have to take an egg and cover it with the mixture of mutton.
  • Now, take those covered eggs and cover them with the refined floor.
  • Now, you have to take those eggs and fry them in the hot oil.

Armadillo Eggs:

To make the Armadillo eggs at home, we required the;

  1. Core jalapenos.
  2. A mixture of cream cheese
  3. Gospel all-purpose
  4. Breakfast Sausage
  5. Bacon
  6. Smoker for Cook it.
  • First, we take jalapeno peppers, cut the peppers from the upper, and cored them.
  • After doing this, we take a bowl of cream cheese and mix it with the gospel all-purpose.
  • Now, fill the mixture of cream cheese and gospel in the jalapenos cored peppers.
  • Now, we take the Breakfast sausage and cover it with the filled jalapenos cored peppers.
  • Now. we cover those filled jalapeno peppers with the Bacons,
  • After doing this, we take bacon-covered jalapeno peppers for cooking at 250 to 275 degrees in the smoker.

Other recipe details are provided in the PDF file. So, you have to read and download every recipe of Brinkmann Smoker from the PDF file, which is mentioned in the heading Download Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Book PDF.

Brinkmann Smoker Cooking recipe book review

According to the trusting shopping website’s reviews of the Brinkmann Smoker Cooking recipe book, It has got an average rating, including 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, etc.

People also share their experiences and feedback related to this recipe book on the shopping website. On eBay shopping website, it has 3530+ reviews posted. It includes,

Brinkmann Smoker Cooking times

Now, Brinkmann Smoker takes different times for different food to cook it. Like few of food takes a cooking time of less than 30 minutes per pound like Beef Roasts, Park Chops, etc.

But some of the food has taken cooking time more than 1 to 2 hours. It includes

  1. Ham fresh 10 lb takes cooking time 7 to 8 hrs.
  2. Sausage Links (Full grill) takes cooking time 3 to 4 hrs.
  3. Chicken 4 lb takes cooking time 4 to 5 hrs.
  4. Fish whole small 3 to 6 lb takes cooking time 2.5 to 3.5 hrs.
  5. Duck 3 to 5 lb takes cooking time 5 to 6 hrs.


I hope that you all have downloaded and opened the Brinkmann Smoker Cooking Recipe Books in PDF format. If any friend is facing a problem in downloading or opening the PDF file of this article, then he can comment to us. We will try our best to solve his problem as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature is ideal for a Brinkmann smoker?

The Brinkmann smoker’s ideal temperature is  250 degrees with good fire.

Are Brinkmann smokers any good?

There are many good smokers made by Brinkmann such as Brinkmann smokers, Brinkmann electric smokers, etc.

Does Brinkmann still make smokers?

It is not sure that Brinkmann company still making smokers because their last smoker was published in 2015. so, I don’t know.

How long to cook ribs on a Brinkmann smoker?

To cook Ribs on a Brinkmann smoker takes time 4.5 to 6 hrs at 250°F.

How long to cook a turkey on a Brinkmann smoker?

To cook Turkey (8 to 12 lb) on a Brinkmann smoker takes time 4 to 5 hrs at 180° F.

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