Baki Workout Routine PDF Free Download (2023)

Baki Workout Routine Pdf Free: We are going to give the workout routine of Da Grappler from the manga series.

In this workout, we are also going to talk about his exercise and daily routine.

If you read this article completely, then at the end you will also get to see the PDF of the rest of the workout routine.

You can get it so that you can save it on your mobile so that you will never need to search for other workouts in the future.

So let’s see what is the rest of the workout routine to get this amazing body.

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Who is Baki?

Baki’s full name is Baki Hanma and he is the hero of Baki the Grappler.

Baki started his training at the age of 13 and started following his father’s footsteps and received even more training.

After this Baki’s goal became to defeat his ruthless father. Baki fought his first fight at the age of 15 and also became the champion of that fight.

His father’s name is Yujirou Hanama and his mother’s name is Emi Akezawa along with him he also has a half-brother Jack. Hanama.

Baki is known as the champion of Tokyo Dome’s underground arena and is often referred to as the world’s strongest boy in the fourth manga series.

Baki Workout Routine

You might have heard somewhere that the rest of the workout is very hard and this is true because he used to take his workout till his last breath and kept training his body till all his muscles were contracted.

But we do not need to do any workout like him, we can apply his workout on our body in just a few steps, for that you have to do weightlifting and practice some martial arts, so let’s go.

Here is the overview of Baki Workout Routine:

Day 1:

  • In the morning workout, we do the calisthenics and lift the weights.
  • In the Afternoon workout, we do mixed martial arts.
  • Repeat the first day’s exercises for days (1-6).

Day 7: Rest

Finally, to know the complete workout plan, you can download the PDF of the remaining workouts, the link of which will be available at the beginning of this article, and in the PDF you will know everything related to the workout such as an exercise.

How many times do we have to do it and how much rest do we have to give to our body after exercising, all these details will be available to you in the remaining workout PDF.

Baki Diet Routine

As you all know to get a good body, it is very important for you to get the right amount of protein and calories along with a workout, but to get a body like the rest, you need to consume a lot of calories along with exercise.

And protein should be taken but it is easier to do than it is to hear, so first of all you should keep in mind that you have to build the rest of your body weight.

After that, you can reduce some weight of your body to see the cut in the body and can show the deep body muscle cuts and abs in your body.

Here is the simple Diet Routine of Baki:

MealSourceProtein (g)Calories
Breakfast16 ounces Chicken Breast68320
2 Scoops Protein Powder (Shake)50250
Lunch16 ounces Chicken Breast68320
2 Scoops Protein Powder (Shake)50250
Dinner16 ounces Chicken Breast68320
2 Scoops Protein Powder (Shake)50250
Snack8 ounces Chicken Breast34160
1 Scoop Protein Powder (Shake)25120


Before starting this diet plan, you must consult your doctor once because he knows how much vitamins and nutrition you should take according to your body and age.

So after doing this, there will be no doubt in your mind that this diet plan will not have any effect on your body. [Baki a Workout Routine Pdf Free]

How to Baki Workout Routine PDF Free Download

Are you ready to download the Baki Workout Routine PDF? Look no further; we’ll show you how to get the PDF version of “How to Download Baki Workout Routine” PDF for free! Let’s dive right in:

Step 1: Go online and search for “How to Baki Workout Routine PDF free download.”
Step 2: Look for websites offering this book or PDF for free and click on a reliable source.
Step 3: You might need to sign up or create an account on some sites, so follow the instructions.
Step 4: Once you find the PDF link, click it to download the PDF or book.
Step 5: Enjoy and Read this Masterpiece: “Baki Workout Routine Plan PDF”

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In Conclusion, the complete workout routine of Baki, its corresponding diet plan, a sample regimen, and a downloadable PDF for your convenience. By downloading the PDF, you can easily access and save this workout on your phone.

We trust you’ll find this article beneficial for your fitness journey. If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies, please don’t hesitate to inform us. Your feedback is valuable, and we’ll promptly correct any mistakes. Thank you!”


How to build a Baki body?

To achieve a body like Baki, which is very challenging but not impossible, he primarily focuses on working his muscle groups. His workout routine includes Calisthenics exercises, Deadlifts, Incline Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Hanging Leg Raises.

Does Baki lift weights?

Yes, the Baki also lifts the weight. In the series manga, Baki does bench press and deadlifting and he lifts over 320 pounds in the bench press at the age of 16–17.

How heavy is Baki?

Baki’s body is around 168 lbs heavy.

Did Baki go to the gym?

Yes, In Baki The Grappler, Baki was seen going to gym classes and also does personal training.

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