Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF [SSC GD Special book]

Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF: Hey! Am I right?, you also want to read the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book, then the real price of this book is ₹225.

So, you come to the right place because today, I will be providing the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book in PDF format through this article page.

From there, you can read and download this book free in a PDF file. This is based on the SSC GD exams and for more details read this article carefully.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s see how you get the 2100+ Math book source in PDF.

How to read the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book Online?

If you also want to read the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book free on the Internet (Online).

So, many websites on the internet allow reading books online without pay like Scribd, Internet Archive, and others.

But if you want to read only this book online for free, then you have to choose our website because as you know I already provide the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF.

From there, you can easily read the whole book online from your mobile device.

Download Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF [Free]

From there, you can easily eligible to download the SSC GD 2100+ Math Book of Ankit Bhati sir in a PDF file.

  1. So, first click on the download button.
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Download UP Police 2100+ Math Book by Ankit Bhati in Hindi

PDF TitleAnkit Bhati 2100+ Math Book
PDF Pages 222
PDF size97MB
Printable Yes
Last updated1 Day ago

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What is Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book?

From our article, you get the book of 2100+ Math book whose full title is 2100+ Maths SSC-GD 2021 Ankit Bhati Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.

This book source is published by the Rojgaar publication and prepared by Ankit Bhati who is the Founder of Rojgar Coaching Center & CEO of Rojgar with Ankit YT channel.

This book is specially made for those students who prepares their self for the SSC GD Upcoming exam.

This Math book considers the syllabus of SSC GD exam which includes:

  1. संख्या पद्धति
  2. दशमलव एवं भिन्न
  3. लघुत्तम समापवत्यं तथा महत्तम समापवर्तक
  4. घात, घातांक एवं करणी
  5. सरलीकरण
  6. आयु सम्बन्धित प्रशन
  7. अनुपात एवं समानुपात
  8. औसत
  9. प्रतिशतता
  10. लाभ और हानि
  11. बट्टा
  12. साधारण ब्याज
  13. चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज
  14. मिश्रण
  15. समय, दूरी और रेलगाड़ी
  16. नाव एवं धारा
  17. समय और कार्य
  18. पाईप और टंकी
  19. साझेदारी
  20. क्षेत्रमिति
  21. सांख्यिकी
  22. आंकड़ों की व्याख्या
  23. परीक्षोपयोगी प्रशन [Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF]

Why do people want Ankit Bhati’s 2100+ Math book in PDF?

It is very simple to say that if someone not afford a specific item/product then they are trying to find another to achieve the certain product.

So, these are those users who can’t afford the hard copy of Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book but still want to read the source of this book.

That’s why they all are trying to find another way to know and learn the source of the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book for clear their doubt related to their studies.

So, As you know I already sharing Ankit Bhati‘s 2100+ Math Book in PDF” in this article which is free to read and download.


In the last, I want to revise what I covered and what you learned from this article. So In this article, I covered all about the Ankit Bhati 2100+ Math Book PDF like where you can read it and where you can download it in PDF Format.

If you find any mistake in this article, please let me know in the comment section. I will update this article as soon as possible.

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