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Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF: If you are also preparing for the SSC exam, then like me, you too must be facing problems in studying history.

So, that is why I have brought a special SSC book for you, in which you have cleared all concepts of each chapter of History and an attempt has been made to write it in as simple a language as possible.

And if we are talking about writing, then you must know the author of this special book, Abhishek Suman Sir, who is very famous for teaching history and political science.

Therefore, today we are going to provide this special book of SSC history for free.

So to download Abhishek Sir SSC History Notes for free, you have to read this article till the end.

Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF Free Download

Here is the SSC History Notes PDF by Abhishek Suman sir and its Download Button.

Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF In Hindi

In Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF in Hindi, you get to see a 165-page PDF file whose size is 77 MB.

In this PDF file, you get to see handwritten notes in Hindi written by Sir of SSC history and you can also read these notes to clear another competitive exam.

Such as UPSC, State PCS, NDA, CPO SI, Asst. Commandant, PGT-TGT, CDS, CHSL, Stenographer, Railways, and other one-day Competitive Exams.

To download these notes, you have to click on the download button given below, and after 25 seconds, the SSC History Notes in Hindi pdf will be automatically downloaded to your mobile.

77 MB

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How to prepare your SSC History Notes by yourself?

So to prepare SSC History notes yourself, you should have two to three source books because if you have more than three books then you will waste all your time in thinking about which one material is best.

That’s why, you should have only three source books for creating the notes. To make SSC History notes well, you must follow these 6 steps:

  1. Before creating notes on any subject, you should have complete knowledge about it, like if you are making notes on a question, then first you should have complete information about it and then you should start writing on it.
  2. Now you have to remember that while making notes of the question, you should never copy-paste the entire question’s answer, you have to write only its most important points and lines. [Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF]
  3. Third point: While making notes, you also have to write bullet points so that you will know the summary of the question from there.
  4. Now you have created your notes by writing your questions etc. But to make the notes easier, you have to add examples in your notes so that your concept notes will be completely clear and you will also get satisfaction in reading your notes.
  5. You have to always keep your notes properly organized, always keep them in order and if you want, you can also give a table of contents on a page at the beginning of your notes in which you can write your questions or chapters. You can also write the names of chapters and their page numbers.
  6. Last Point: Now after writing the notes properly, you have to revise and adjust your notes once again to see if there is any mistake or mistake in organizing the page. Then after checking it, you can finalize your notes.

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Who is Abhisek Suman sir?

Abhishek Suman Sir teaches politics and History. He taught his first class on 4th August 2023. It has been more than 10 years since I have been studying with him.

The children of Sir’s class like Sir’s voice very much and in the live class, the children always ask Sir to listen to the song and Sir also likes to sing the song in the live class.

Abhishek Suman sir belongs to a musical family and his elder brother is also a professional singer who has once been a finalist in Sony TV’s reality show Fame Gurukul.

Abhishek Suman sir loves singing and listening to music but he never thought of making his career in music. [Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF]

He was a very shy nature and he mostly did not talk in front of anyone in his childhood.

He reads history from the teacher whose name is Hari Schandra Pandey. He liked his class very much and sir also says that perhaps I copy his way of studying.

Sir, got his first salary in 2015 and he also taught for 2 years without a salary. Suman sir also had a dream which he thought in 2006 during his college time that he would buy an iPhone from his salary and it took him 11 years to fulfill it.

Like other children, Sir had also made his dream list in which he had written many things that he had to do after becoming successful like buying branded clothes, Nike shoes, Lewis jeans, and many more.

His current residence is Muzaffar Nagar district of Western UP. [Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF]

Sir, he keeps talking about Bharat Ratna in his life classes, it means that he thinks that he should do something for the country so that he can be honored with Bharat Ratna and he can fulfill his duty of being a true Indian.

Abhisek Suman sir Podcast:


I hope you have got the Abhishek Suman Sir SSC History Notes PDF. If anyone has any problem downloading the PDF file, then you can comment to me, I will try my best to help you download the PDF file of this article.

Frequency Asked Questions

Which book is best for history SSC?

The best book for preparation for the SSC history is “India’s Struggle for Independence” by Bipan Chandra.

Who is the first SSC?

The first SSC Chairman was Saiyid Hamid appointed in 1976.

Is SSC a central govt job?

Yes, the SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is responsible for hiring people for different jobs in the central government of India.

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